What is love?

Hi. I’m Jeff. I haven’t talked with any of my fans for quite some time now. I am in love. This takes me away from my internet playland. This is a tingling, deep sensation that one feels deep inside one’s heart and loins and ding-dong.

This is the first time I’ve felt this way in my entire life. I once read that love is like a red, red rose. I like love even more than riding behind my friends on a scooter. I really like riding behind my friends on scooter. Read my earlier post to learn how much I like scooters.

Thanks for reading. Please fill out my application if you would like to be my friend. Until I get your request, I will be very busy being in love.



I like planes, trains, and automobiles, but scooters are my favorite

Hi I’m Jeff! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Sometimes my busy life getsΒ between me and my Internet Playland.


Here is my and my friend Dan in an automobile in Thailand. We had so much fun there.


Here is me in a tuk-tuk, my favorite ride in Thailand. Don’t I look buff?


Here is me on a big boat. I like big boats, but not as much as I like scooters.


Here is me on a little boat. I like little boats, but sometimes they tip over when I walk around in them.


Here is me on a scooter on the beach. I love scooters. They are my favorite.


Here is a picture of me on the back of a scooter. Riding on the front of scooters is fun, but riding on the back is even more fun.

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to see you again! πŸ˜‰

Please fill out my internet guestbook and apply to be my friend.

Hi! I’m Jeff and I love the Green Bay Packers. See their FB feed below.

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